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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001The importance of non-verbal comunication for the teaching of english to teenage students at the Catholic University of AmbatoStewart, Donald; Pérez Sornoza, Florcita Mariela; Sarabia Castillo, Betty de las Mercedes
2008The use of motivational teaching techniques facilitates english learning- A case study at level 4 at the language and linguistics school in the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador in AmbatoPérez Sornoza, Florcita Mariela; Ramos Medina, María Paola
2009Developing writing communicative fluency through portafolio-based learning at the first level at the language and linguistics school at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador Sede AmbatoToro Salazar, Luis Anibal; Rosero Cazar, Damián Alejandro
2007Developing English writing skills in six year old children while they are learning to read and write in SpanishHammond Ebleton, Leslie; Montes de oca Sánchez, Irma Verónica
2001An implementation of a student centred-approach in Atenas Primary School in Ambato.Miño Garcés, Fernando; Naranjo Holguín, María Paula; Vera de la Torre, Ana Jazmina
2004Teaching pronunciation to teenagers through activities built on multiple intelligences at the PUCESA as an experimental studyBarrera, Pilar; Guerra M., Carmen; Rivera S., Sylvia
2007Implementing a portafolio-based writing assessment in the level four at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador Sede AmbatoToro Salazar, Luis Anibal; Aguilar Vásconez, Wilson Daniel
2007Increment in the use of auio-visual technology in; reading, listening, writing and speaking skills; avoiding traditional educational patternsArias Miño, Norma Mercedes; Pérez Sornoza, Franklin Fernando
2007Implementation of a project based learning approach for the senior year and fourth course of secondary from Henri Becquerel Experimental High SchoolVinueza Mayorga, Mónica Graciela; Fierro Echeverría, Samuel Enrique
2009The use of literature in efl classrooms in order to increase vocabulary with students at seventh year at the "Centro educativo biligue internacional C.E.B.I."Toro Salazar, Luis Anibal; Infante Paredes, Ruth Elizabeth