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Title: A techers' curriculum guide based on the Calla Approach desing for IDSAPEDAC
Authors: Paredes Paredes, Moraima Olivia
Vinueza Mayorga, Mónica Graciela
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador Sede Ambato
Citation: Paredes Paredes, Moraima Olivia. (2004). A techers' curriculum guide based on the Calla Approach desing for IDSAPEDAC. Monografía (Licenciada en Lingüística) - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Escuela de Lenguas y Lingüística.
Abstract: The Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA) is an instructional model that was developed to meet the academic needs of students learning English in English speaking countries. In our dissertation, we have designed a teacher's guide based on the CALLA approach; which will be applied in a local school, at IDSAPEDAC. As CALLA was originally designed for an English speaking background our aim is to obtain similar results applying in a non-English speaking background this way helping students to achieve a competitive level of English, which will enable them to use the language as a tool for learning other things
Description: 1. Leraning vs. Teaching 2.Theoretical framework for the curriculum proposed 3. Introduction 4. Applying the curriculum in IDSAPEDAC 5. Conclusions and recommendations
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